Using Digital Composition to Give Student Writing a Purpose: How taking a digital approach in the writing classroom creates engagement, authority, and empowerment for student writers. 

Why Digital?
Student Voices

How it all started...


How can I create new, real learning by taking our writing online?
If more than half of my students' grade must be derived from an e-portfolio, then how can I have that value reflected in my pedagogy?
I like online projects, but how can I give digital writing more meaning after the bells and whistles stop?
My Guiding Questions and Beginning Thoughts
How do I help my students learn to write and identify as 21st century citizens?
How can I incorporate the idea of connections with my students?
But what do I do if I'm not a tech expert?
I want my students' writing to exist beyond our walls of the classroom. How can I make that happen? (Avoiding the recycle file bin)
I know that learning takes place only when something is unknown. I must embrace the WOBBLE.